The 3rd Regional Meeting of CSIRTs Team in Montevideo

The 3rd Regional Meeting of Latin American and Caribbean Computer Security Incident Response Teams was held this Thursday 31st October.

Within the framework of LACNIC 18 / LAGNOG 2012, LACNIC's AMPARO project remains committed to generating knowledge and opportunities for sharing information among the stakeholders and agencies directly involved in the issue, and thus contributes to strengthening knowledge among the regional community and promotes the exchange of experiences in order to prevent and mitigate the impact of computer security incidents.

The meeting was attended by more than 30 representatives of various Latin American and Caribbean organizations, among them CSIRTs, government agencies, academia and the private sector.

Presentations included topics relating to:

  • Malicious activity and threat monitoring, tracking and data extraction efforts, a topic approached from different angles by Gonzalo Romero of .CO (Colombia), Cristine Hoepers of (Brazil), and Fernando Cócaro of Certuy AGESIC (Uruguay).
  • Presentation of the advantages of sensor selection and their applicability for gathering information to generate better information sharing mechanisms, presented by James Pichardo of Dragon Research Group (Dominican Republic).
  • The success story of ETB Colombia, a company that has been certified under ISO 27001, by Clara Muñoz.
  • Gustavo Betarte, Director of Tilsor Uruguay's CSIRT, presented the results of an ongoing research on cybercrime in Latin America.

The meeting also featured a videoconference with Belisario Contreras (Washington DC), member of OAS/CICTE, where he stressed the importance of creating coordination mechanisms for generating shared information that will strengthen and contribute to the creation of CSIRTs around region.