AMPARO Project

More AMPARO for the LAC Region

Starting 2013 and based on the experiences and lessons learned by the project in the years it has been operating, Amparo now aims at becoming a training, education, and capacity building initiative in various areas relating to Computer Security.

Up until today, Amparo has been mainly involved in building capacity for the creation and operation of Computer Emergency Response Teams (CSIRTs), spreading know-now and reaching out to the community. Starting in 2013, Amparo will work in building and strengthening capacities in other areas as well, including:

  • DNS security and DNSSEC deployment
  • Secure routing (best practices, resource certification, use of RPKI)
  • Network security
  • Impact of the IPv4 exhaustion process on Internet security, particularly on incident management
  • Other topics to be defined based on the community's needs

AMPARO is a LACNIC initiative originally supported by the Canadian International Development Research Centre.

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